Predictive Analytics

Predicting future events

Predictive analytics looks at patterns in data to make predictions about future events based on current and historical data.

Customer Analytics

We can leverage both structured and unstructured data to tap into valuable customer insights, new ways of marketing products and services, and entirely new business lines that can lead to:

Sales Optimization:

  • Find new leads
  • Close more leads
  • Task automation
  • Predictive models for sales
  • Customer loyalty (prescribers and buyers).
  • Churn Reduction.
  • Lifetime value segmentation.
  • Recommenders: the products that are sold together.
  • Measure and optimize the profitability of marketing campaigns.

Demand Forecast

To predict the total demand of a given product in each market. How many opportunities will happen in the next year (or quarter) for a given product? How many will we win? How much will we sell? At which price?

Revenue and Margin Forecast

To predict and optimize revenue and margins and expand the discovery of new business opportunities

Price Forecast

Price forecast is the prediction of the winning price at tendering opportunities..

Price Elasticity of Demand

In economics, price elasticity of demand is the measure of the change in the quantity demanded or purchased of a product concerning its price change. It allows us to find the right price to optimize revenue and margins and expand the discovery of new business opportunities.

Shortages-driven Forecast

Leverage shortages intelligence to capture the patterns of market behavior to predict the best market strategy.

People Analytics

People analytics is often called talent analytics or HR analytics. Mostly, gathering and assessing people-analytics leads to better decision-making through statistics, machine learning, and NLP.

Ready to leverage unstructured data?

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Konplik makes the most of cutting edge technologies including proprietary software and innovative self-developed data processing tools and algorithms to extract value from unstructured data in healthcare. Konplik will help you discover new purposeful and actionable sources of revenue

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