Transforming healthcare with AI

Proprietary software and algorithms to extract value from unstructured data in healthcare


AI that extracts value in healthcare

Proprietary software and algorithms to extract value from unstructured data in healthcare

Konplik extracts actionable insights
from healthcare data

Konplik has over 20 years of history in the fields of natural language processing and analytics. We’ve delivered hundreds of successful AI projects, in more than 40 countries, to the leading innovators in the healthcare industry.


Areas where we deliver results

Electronic Health Records

An electronic health record comprises a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, allergies, radiology images, and laboratory and test results. 

Voice of the Patient

The healthcare industry needs to understand the feedback that their current and future customers express in different channels. 


Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are the most significant safety concern in the health field.

Price and Demand Forecasting

To predict and optimize revenue and margins and expand the discovery of new business opportunities.

Tendering Intelligence

To make profitable pricing decisions, a company needs to have access to timely, trustworthy sources of high-quality data.

Shortages Intelligence

To leverage shortages intelligence to capture the patterns of market behavior to predict the best market strategy.


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Demand Forecasting in Healthcare

Demand Forecasting in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, Artificial Intelligence can dramatically improve the forecasting accuracy of demand estimates. Demand forecasting is an analytics field that attempts to predict customer demand to optimize supply decisions. In the Pharmaceutical industry,...

AI for healthcare shortages

AI for healthcare shortages

Artificial Intelligence is instrumental in analyzing inventory management trends. It helps predict drug shortages before they happen. In economics, a shortage happens when the demand for a product exceeds the available supply. Drug shortages are becoming increasingly...

Ebook: NLP for Marketing Intelligence in Healthcare

Health and pharma companies have a good opportunity to leverage unstructured information. Text-based sources can be used to identify the costs of medical treatments, their efficiency (cost, benefits, and risks), references to drugs, side effects, patient experience, and more.

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Konplik makes the most of cutting edge technologies including proprietary software and innovative self-developed data processing tools and algorithms to extract value from unstructured data in healthcare. Konplik will help you discover new purposeful and actionable sources of revenue

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